Are your products pet friendly?

Yes. In some cases pets may need to be vacated for a maximum of one hour.

Is pest control safe for my family?

Yes - all our professional products are safe for children, pets, pregnant women and even elderly people.

I just bought a new home, do I need pest control?

Yes – treatment of new homes is one of the most important steps you can take to protecting your family and pets and achieving an environmentally safe home.

What types of pest control products do you utilise?

We use a range of pest control products including chemical barriers, physical barriers and monitoring systems. The best solution for you depends on your situation. We discuss every option.

How effective are your pest control products?

We always use top quality products as we are a licenced pest control company. As a professional company we have access to exclusive products not available to the general public.

What areas of Melbourne do you service?

We travel to all areas of inner and outer metropolitan Melbourne.

Do the products you use leave a mess?

No, all products are applied as per regulation so that no residue is left behind which means you can walk straight into your home problem free!

Do you offer pensioner and concession discounts?