Rodent Control

Rodents of all shapes and sizes can be a problematic pest for any home. Due to the unique biology and habits of rats and mice, rodent control can be difficult – and when not removed properly, they can breed and multiple, becoming an ongoing, long-term problem. Fortunately, Amazon Pest Exterminators can provide professional rodent control services to help you eliminate the problem and prevent reinfestation.


Rats are incredibly wary and untrusting by nature. This makes them almost immune to many rodent control methods, including traps and bait. They often gather in difficult to reach places, including under concrete and in ceiling crawl spaces.

Among the reasons why rats should be removed promptly is their propensity to carry diseases. They can introduce disease ridden parasites into your home as well as carry the illnesses themselves. Several of these illnesses are serious and can cause ongoing health problems for your household. For these reasons, it’s important to hire a professional rodent control service such as Amazon Pest Exterminators.


Mice often enter your home in search of food, water and warmth, making them more common during winter than other times of the year. They have the ability to sneak in through very small gaps, which can make it difficult to identify the source of the problem. Each mouse that enters your home looks for something to eat, and if they’re able to obtain access to your food by chewing packages, they can contaminate remaining food in the area, leading to wasted food as well as wasted money.

The professional rodent control services available from Amazon Pest Exterminators will be able to remove mice from your home and identify their entrance point, preventing reinfestation.

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