Pre Construction

Pre Construction Pest Treatment

Building Regulations in Australia require that some form of protection against termite infestation is included in every new construction. At Amazon Pest Exterminators, our experience in extermination equips us with the knowledge required for a first-rate pre construction pest treatment. Both chemical and physical barriers can be used and included in the foundations of a construction as an effective preventative measure. This is something you should consider before buying a new home or adding a large extension to an existing one.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

A decent pre construction pest treatment can last anywhere between two and five years. A variety of factors are at play here, depending on the type of treatment used, the weather conditions, the dampness of the soil, and other environmental issues. It is important to ask how long your pre construction pest treatment will last and schedule regular inspections of the property after this time.

What We Offer

Our exterminators make use of their experience and expertise in the industry to assess a situation and decide on the best option. Very often, termite solutions need to be tailored to each individual property, and the best option for your neighbour may not be the best one for you. Following the pre construction pest treatment assessment, our experts will discuss your options with you and evaluate how long each should last.

We are always happy to share our knowledge with you so you can be confident you understand how your home is protected. Contact us today for more information.