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Why You Should Organise a Pest Inspection in Melbourne This Spring

Spring time is now upon us, and with it comes a change in the household bugs and pests that make their presence known. The rise in temperature generally sees common winter pests like crickets, caterpillars and rodents hibernate, while those that seek out hotter temperatures like spiders, ants and cockroaches can become more visible. While some pests can be merely a nuisance, others can pose risks to your house, your pets, your family and yourself. Fortunately, with rodent control, cockroach control or some other method, you can ensure these pests are either removed or cause little damage to your property.

A comprehensive pest inspection of your Melbourne property will likely show them inhabiting every available nook and cranny – from the roof and the wall cavities to the sub-floor and everywhere in between. If an inspection uncovers pests, it’s important to take action to protect your house from any damage they can cause.

What’s the Best Plan of Attack?

Once Amazon Pest Exterminators has completed a pest inspection of your Melbourne property, we’ll know what pests are sharing your home with you, where they’re living, and just how many of them there are. We can then take action, whether we’re undertaking cockroach control, rodent control or termite control procedures.

We begin by treating any ‘wet’ areas of the house that offer food and/or moisture – typically the ideal conditions for pests of this nature. Treatment of these areas generally involves laying poisonous substances that are designed to be attractive to and ingested by the targeted pests.

Following this, we apply treatments to other affected areas of the home, including the roof voids, the cavities of the wall, and the sub floor. The next step is to build an outdoor barrier around the perimeter of your property to prevent pests from penetrating its protective wall. We also consult directly with the property owner to identify potential elements that could attract pests and take the appropriate steps to neutralise them.

Pest Control for Residential and Commercial Properties

Amazon Pest Exterminators offer our pest inspection and eradication services for both residential and commercial property owners. Whether you need termite control in the Melbourne CBD or effective rodent control in the outer suburbs, there’s no better time than a change of season to spring into action and make the call.